alexanderplatz Berlin


Alexanderplatz is one of the most famous and probably the largest square in Berlin.

Originally, there was a cattle market here, so it was called Ochsenmarkt or Ochsenplatz. In November 1805, it received its current name in honor of the Russian Tsar Alexander I, who visited the city in October of that year and was received here. But the square is commonly called simply Alex by the locals.

With the construction of the railway station in 1882, the central market in 1886 and the Tietz department stores, the place became an important commercial center.

Much of it was destroyed during World War II and it wasn’t until the 1960s that it began to be rebuilt, with new buildings and construction. In many of these buildings you can see the building style of the communist regime. Located in the east of Berlin, it became the center of East Berlin.

Today, it is still one of the city’s main public transportation centers, with several subway, train, bus and streetcar lines passing through the square and the terminal there. Shopping opportunities are also plentiful: you will find department stores, pharmacies, clothing stores and many other stores.

A few meters from the square, between Alexanderstrasse and Dircksenstrasse, you will find the Alexa shopping center, which opened in 2007 and houses more than 180 stores.

Other attractions at Alexanderplatz

Attractions include the Urania-Weltzeituhr, a large clock displaying the names of several world cities with their respective times; the International Friendship Fountain, a 23-meter diameter fountain that was built in 1970 when the square was redeveloped; and, of course, the famous television tower (Fernsehturm), which at 368 meters is one of the tallest buildings in Europe.
One tip: Be careful when crossing the street, especially near the Urania-Weltzeituhr. Although it seems to be a pedestrian-only street, streetcars pass by. The fact is that there are cases of crashes, so stay alert!

The “balloon” because of the shape of its top, and from its platform more than 200 meters high, you have a magnificent 360 degree view of Berlin, where you have a restaurant.


How to get to Alexanderplatz

Address: Alexanderplatz – Mitte, 101 Alexanderplatz – Mitte, 10178 Berlin

S-Bahn: Lines S5, S7 and S75, station S+U Alexanderplatz
U-Bahn: Lines U2, U5 and U8, station S+U Alexanderplatz
Bus: Lines 100, 200 and TXL, stop S+U Alexanderplatz