Berlin remained a small, peaceful and untouched city until 1415. Not much is known about the Berlin of before that time. But then came the Hohenzollerns. In 1415, the house of Hohenzollern was granted the margraviate of the electorate of Brandenburg, in which Berlin occupied a central position. The firstRead More →

zoo berlin panda

The Berlin Zoo (in German: Zoologischer Garten Berlin) is the oldest zoo in Germany, its origins dating back to 1844. The first animals appeared in the garden thanks to the generosity of King Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia. Located in the Tiergarten Park, the zoo attracts 3 million visitors everyRead More →

madame tussauds berlin

Madame Tussauds Berlin is an interactive wax figure museum located on what is considered one of the most beautiful avenues, Unter den Linden in Berlin. The most important personalities from all over the world gather in one place where you can have your picture taken with them. At the MadameRead More →

aeroport berlin Brandenburg

Berlin airport, called Berlin-Brandenburg “Willy Brandt”. It is the main airport of the German capital, located 28 km from the center, in Schönefeld. This new airport replaces the old Berlin-Tegel airport (which closed in 2020). Terminals of the Berlin airport The new Berlin Airport (BER) has three terminals: Video HowRead More →

Find out how to walk and get around Berlin, with tips on the best way to get around the city, types of public transport tickets and advice on renting a car. The city of Berlin has a very good public transportation system for those who do not want to rentRead More →

The climate in Berlin can be very different from that in some parts of the country. From June to September, the summer months, the temperatures are not very high, and in winter it is rather cold. So don’t worry if it’s hot when you visit this city in the summer,Read More →

Berlin Bunker

Some people ask, when they visit Berlin, what about Hitler’s bunker – whether it still exists, where it is, etc. Like the Berlin Wall, it is something that still holds a great fascination for many people today. No wonder, since this is where one of the worst dictators in humanRead More →

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The Berlin Wall Memorial, is an incredible monument that reminds us of the history of the time when Germany was divided. The current Berlin Wall is one of the most visited sites in the German capital, but it is only a representation and a small piece of what the BerlinRead More →

mur berlin

Visit the former Berlin Wall, which is one of the main tourist attractions in Germany and was created to separate West Germany from East Germany. The Berlin Wall divided the city into two parts and was a symbol of the division of the world: the western part was the capitalistRead More →

parc tiergarten berlin

Visit the Tiergarten Park in Berlin, the second largest park in the city, where you can enjoy nature, attractions, memorials and charming places. The Tiergarten Park has a huge area, covering 210 hectares and more than 2,000 square meters. With all this extension, it is not surprising that it isRead More →