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With its imposing and striking facade, the Rotes Rathaus, or red City Hall, is one of the landmarks of Berlin. It is the seat of the city hall and the Berlin City Council. Located very close to Alexanderplatz, it bears this name because of the red bricks used for itsRead More →

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A few meters from the Siegessäule (Victory Column), in the Tiergarten Park and on the banks of the Spree, is the Schloss Bellevue or Bellevue Palace. Its name, of French origin, means “beautiful view”, because of the beautiful view that we have on the park and the river Spree. ThisRead More →

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Visit the former Berlin Wall, which is one of the main tourist attractions in Germany and was created to separate West Germany from East Germany. The Berlin Wall divided the city into two parts and was a symbol of the division of the world: the western part was the capitalistRead More →

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Here is another nice place to get a view from the top of Berlin: the panoramic platform, called Panoramapunkt, located in the Kollhoff Tower building. The Kollhoff Tower is located in the heart of Potsdamer Platz, at the intersection of two streets. The building itself is a pointed brick buildingRead More →

cathédrale Berlin

The magnificent and imposing Berliner Dom or Berlin Cathedral is without doubt one of the most photographed buildings in Berlin. No wonder, because with its striking domes and monumental 114 metres long and 116 metres high, the cathedral stands out in the landscape. Berlin Cathedral is located on the banksRead More →

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The Siegessäule or Victory Column is one of Berlin’s most famous landmarks, having once been the setting for the video recording of U2’s song “Stay, Farway so Close”. The Victory Column was the scene of the Love Parade, an electronic music festival, when it took place in Berlin, and alsoRead More →

Mémorial de l'Holocauste Berlin

The Holocaust Memorial is, as the name already suggests, a memorial to the 6 million Jews killed under the Nazi regime. The Holocaust Memorial is located in the heart of Berlin, one block from the Brandenburg Gate, between the U.S. Embassy, Tiergarten Park and further down Potsdamer Platz. History TheRead More →

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The Berliner Fernsehturm, or television tower, stands out on the Berlin skyline as the tallest building in Germany. The “ball”, as it is affectionately called, is located in the city center on Alexanderplatz. It can be seen from various points in the city, including from the airplane, depending on theRead More →

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Checkpoint Charlie was an advanced military post on the border between East and West Berlin during the Cold War. Checkpoint Charlie was located at the junction of Friedrichstrasse with Zimmerstrasse and Mauerstrasse, connecting the American and Soviet sectors. After the construction of the Berlin Wall, the West German authorities builtRead More →

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The Reichstag, the building that houses the German Parliament (Bundestag), is one of the most visited attractions in Berlin. Designed by Paul Wallot and inaugurated in 1894, this amazing neo-Renaissance building has monumental dimensions: 137 meters long and 97 meters wide. The Reichstag building is associated with important moments inRead More →