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La Fenice Theatre

For lovers of art and culture, the La Fenice Theatre is a must stop, after all, in addition to being beautiful, it is the scene of breathtaking shows.

History of the La Fenice Theatre in Venice

Venice’s La Fenice Theater opened in 1792 with an opera performance called I Giochi di Agrigento. Since then, La Fenice has been the most famous theater in Italy and Europe, successively presenting many masterpieces of lyric theater and contributing greatly to the development of opera.
Gioacchino Rossini crossed the threshold of the Fenice on February 6, 1813 with “Tancredi”. After the fire of December 12, 1836, the company decided to proceed immediately to the reconstruction of the theater. This delicate work was undertaken by the brothers Giovanni Battista and Tomaso Meduna, eminent architects, and all the decoration of the theater was entrusted to Professor Tranguillo Orsi, resulting in an even more welcoming and elegant theater, a real gem.

On the night of December 26, 1837, like the mythical phoenix, La Fenice regained its former glory and renewed its strength. In 1842, La Fenice welcomed Verdi, the greatest opera composer of the 19th century, with the staging of the opera “Nabucco”.

After the Second World War, the Fenice distinguished itself for its programs and the exceptional performers it hosted. Unique works by Igor Stravinsky, Benjamin Britten attracted the attention of the entire musical world.

On January 9, 1996, Venice’s legendary opera house, La Fenice, was set ablaze for the umpteenth time. Many questions were raised by the police and, despite the initial assessment that leaned towards the possibility of an accident, laboratory investigations and panoramic photos of the three sources of the fire proved those who spoke of arson right.


What to see at the theater?

Before you go, it’s a good idea to check out the schedule of shows and see if any of them interest you and fit into your itinerary. If you can’t attend any of the shows, don’t worry, because you can simply take a guided tour of the theater, which takes place during the day and includes entrance to the backstage area and the royal cabinet.

How to get to La Fenice in Venice

Address: Campo San Fantin, 1965, 30124 Venezia, Italy.
Ticket: 10 euros per person plus 3 euros for photos.

The visit to the La Fenice theater includes an audio guide in Spanish and English.