vondelpark amsterdam


If you are looking for what to do in Amsterdam, one tip for a walk in Amsterdam that we suggest you include in your itinerary is a visit to the Vondelpark. In Amsterdam, there are several parks scattered around the city and it is definitely the right destination for Dutch people, especially in summer. However, there is one park in the city that is highly sought after for its charm and size. Just as NYC prides itself on its “Central Park”, for Amsterdam, its “beloved” green space is the Vondelpark. This park is the largest in Amsterdam and also the most popular here. If you visit Amsterdam in the summer, you will notice this when you are there, as finding a place to spread a towel can be difficult.

What to do in Vondelpark?

Walking around the park is very interesting, even if it’s a cold and cloudy day, there will probably be plenty of people walking around or playing sports. But it’s in the summer that it’s even better, in my opinion, maybe because we can sit on the lawn.

What you can plan for on a sunny day is to get a towel, a book, buy a bottle of wine and enjoy the sun in a few hours in the park. It’s a great way to relax and at the same time see what life is like for many Dutch people on sunny weekends here in Holland.

At the Vondelpark you can also go cycling, jogging or just walking without too much pretension. When the day is over, you can take a walk through the Museumkwartier, passing by the mansions at the bottom of the Vondenpark. And then walk back to the Museumplein and from there, take our bikes home.


How to get to the Vondelpark