Weather in Amsterdam

You really want to go to the Netherlands, but you don’t know when and in which month it is best to do so. How do you find the time to see everything and relax at the same time? When does the beach season start? It is clear that you should not rely on the weather: beach lovers have nothing to do here. This country is a godsend for cultural tourism and active leisure.

In spring

The city is transformed, with flowers everywhere, it is incredible. This is when the famous tulip park Keukenhof opens its doors to visitors. It is also the time when the cherry trees are in bloom and the countryside looks like a rainbow. The climate is mild, the average temperature is between 7° and 15°. We do not have freezing temperatures and the sun is still mild.


Temperatures rise a little more. The average varies from 13° to 22°, but some days it can reach 30°, but these cases are rare. The streets are lively. The parks, bars and urban beaches are crowded and we have many festivals in the city.

The days are long! When the sun goes down around 10pm, the city comes alive with a different energy. One drawback is that it rains a lot.

It is very difficult to talk about the weather forecast in Amsterdam, it is very unstable. Check the wind chill. This will give you a rough idea of the weather here, because sometimes it is 18°C but the feeling is 4°C cooler. Remember that it is always windy here, so even if you come in summer, bring light jackets that will protect you from the wind.


At the beginning of the season, it is cold, but it is moderate. Daily temperatures are around 15°C.

In November, the cold starts to become more intense, but it is still possible to enjoy outdoor activities, but with warm clothes. In addition, autumn in Holland is usually rainy and the wind can be quite annoying.

At the beginning of the season, sunset is always after 7 p.m., but each day it gets earlier until closer to 5 p.m.


Winter in Amsterdam is very intense and the days are short. The temperature can easily drop below 0° and the thermal sensation is even lower because of the wind and humidity. It is not very pleasant to walk in the street, leaving only indoor activities.

Important: January is the coldest month of the year in Amsterdam. If you dream of seeing snow, this may not be the best option. Sometimes winter comes and goes without any snowfall.

Best months to travel to Amsterdam

The tourist season in the Netherlands is year-round. Each month spent in the country will surprise you with its festivals, delight you with its festivals and open the doors to the world of gardens, museums, parks and various attractions.

High season

As in many countries, the high season in the Netherlands includes the summer months – the time for vacations, vacations and relaxation. The languages of different nations can be heard on the streets of the country. A multi-million dollar wave of tourism sweeps through the country during the hot summer months. During this period, it is very difficult to find a free hotel room and the prices of flights and accommodation are quite high.

Low demand period

If you want to save money, it is best to choose the period from October to March to visit this country. At this time, the tourist season has already decreased and many hotels have already reduced their rates. Museums, exhibitions and many tourist attractions are open to the public during this period. The advantage is the absence of queues and the low population.

Flower season

The Netherlands is a land of tulips, hyacinths and colorful daffodils. To admire all this floral splendor, plan your trip between late April and mid-May. Why this particular time? The reason is that in early April, the daffodils are just beginning to bloom and by mid-May, most fields will be out of flowers.

To admire the abundance of flowers, visit the Royal Flower Park – Keukenhof (open until May 18). You can also take part in the beautiful Blumencorso flower procession (which takes place on the first Saturday of May).
By the way, the last month of spring in the Netherlands is the warmest – you may not need warm clothes.

Winter travel

You won’t find a harsh winter in the Netherlands. In winter, the air temperature rarely drops below freezing, although there are sometimes light frosts at night. Brief periods of cold and snowfall are possible during the season of high pressure, which occasionally comes from Eastern Europe. But this fluffy snow melts quickly, turning into a nasty rain.

Despite the wet and rainy winter weather, New Year’s travel to the Netherlands is very popular. The approach of Christmas fills the local towns with a wonderful atmosphere and tourists. Traditional fairs and carnivals keep you busy in winter.