Weather in Berlin

The climate in Berlin can be very different from that in some parts of the country. From June to September, the summer months, the temperatures are not very high, and in winter it is rather cold. So don’t worry if it’s hot when you visit this city in the summer, but if it’s winter, be prepared to bundle up and even see some snow.

Average temperatures in Berlin

Winter in Berlin

Winter runs from January to March, but can also be considered late December, when it officially begins. The coldest month of the year in Berlin is January, when temperatures range from 4°C to -2°C. The chances of rain in this season are average and it can even snow, but when it does, it doesn’t snow much, unlike in New York, for example, where the snowfall can even stop tourists. An important tip is that in winter, night falls much earlier, around 4 pm. It is therefore a good idea to get up early, precisely to enjoy the sights that are nice to see during the day in the German capital.

Spring in Berlin

Spring in Berlin is one of the best times to visit this city. The peak of the year is between March and May, until the beginning of June. When winter starts to come out, the flowers appear in this destination, mainly the famous tulips. It usually rains a little at this time of year, but there is nothing to stop you from going outdoors in Berlin. In spring, temperatures do not exceed 20°C, and these highs occur in June, when summer is already close. The coolest thing about visiting the city at this time of year is the flower gardens in Berlin’s parks, which are beautiful and make for great photo opportunities.

Summer in Berlin

Summer in Berlin is very different, where temperatures are very high. Thermometers rarely exceed 22°C, and when they do, the fact is considered strange by Germans, because the weather in this destination never really reaches that point. Summer in Berlin starts in June, lasts through July and August and ends in mid-September. This season is one of the best times to go for a walk in the open air on sunny days.

Going to the parks, having picnics or just walking through the charming neighborhoods of Berlin is a great option to enjoy your trip. Another advantage of Berlin is that it gets dark much later in the summer, around 9pm, which gives tourists more time to enjoy the day.

Autumn in Berlin

Autumn is beautiful in Berlin as all the trees and foliage in the city turn a beautiful orange-red color. The average temperature is 14°C during the day and 6°C at night, and it drops as the end of the year approaches. It rains a lot, in fact it is the time of year when it rains the most, and this can be a bit annoying, but the scenery and the falling leaves are worth it, being the big attraction of the season. Autumn in Berlin takes place during the months of September, October, November and December.