• History of Rome
    For the intrepid tourist who wishes to travel this land, he must first know a little of this famous history, in order to feel safe and not to miss an important part of this impressive area, in Rome. At the beginning of Rome as its creation, doubts arise and fromRead More →
  • The Venice Carnival
    In addition to its canals and gondolas, Venice is known worldwide for its carnival. This tradition dates back to the Middle Ages (around the 10th century) and has continued until today, despite a notable absence during the 20th century. Originally, the masks were intended to erase social classes for oneRead More →
  • History of Venice
    The city of Venice was founded shortly after 568. For eight centuries it was the capital of the Republic of Venice. Famous for its canals, its St. Mark’s Square and its Doge’s Palace as well as for its carnival, the city of the Doges is a Unesco World Heritage Site.Read More →
  • Bridge of Sighs
    Visit the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, Italy. Venice is an enchanting city, full of amazing sights to discover. One of the most visited and sought-after places, not only by locals but also by tourists, is the Bridge of Sighs, which, in addition to having an important historical context forRead More →
  • Palazzo Vecchio
    Florence is one of the most visited cities in Italy and not for nothing. The city is beautiful and houses relics, statues and works of art that are very important to the European country. This castle-like building What is the Palazzo Vecchio? The Palazzo Vecchio (ancient palace) is a palaceRead More →
  • Piazza della Signoria
    Learn all about the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, Italy, and be sure to include the city’s most important and lively square in your travel itinerary. Considered the capital of romance, this Italian city is full of sites and attractions that delight its tourists, Piazza della Signoria being one ofRead More →