• Galileo Museum
    Located in Palazzo Castellani, one of the oldest buildings in the city, the Galileo Museum brings together all kinds of scientific tools and instruments from the Renaissance to the twentieth century. About the Museum The Galileo Museum occupies the 3 floors of Palazzo Castellani, located in Piazza dei Giudici. FoundedRead More →
  • Medici Chapel
    Learn all about the Medici Chapel in Florence, Italy, and be sure to visit this incredible tourist attraction during your trip. Among the many attractions of Florence, this one stands out for the fact that it is the burial place of one of the most important families in the historyRead More →
  • Gardens of the villa Borghese
    Visit the gardens of Villa Borghese in Rome. It is full of attractions such as museums, buildings and a very important gallery called Galleria Borghese. Information about the gardens of the Villa Considered the 2nd largest park in Rome, the gardens of Villa Borghese extend over more than 80 hectares,Read More →
  • Palatine Museum
    Among the many attractions of Rome, this one stands out for its location on the Palatine Hill, which is the most central of the 7 hills of the city and constitutes its oldest part. About the Palatine Museum The Palatine Museum is located on the Palatine Hill, as we haveRead More →
  • City hall building: Rotes Rathaus
    With its imposing and striking facade, the Rotes Rathaus, or red City Hall, is one of the landmarks of Berlin. It is the seat of the city hall and the Berlin City Council. Located very close to Alexanderplatz, it bears this name because of the red bricks used for itsRead More →
  • Bellevue Palace
    A few meters from the Siegessäule (Victory Column), in the Tiergarten Park and on the banks of the Spree, is the Schloss Bellevue or Bellevue Palace. Its name, of French origin, means “beautiful view”, because of the beautiful view that we have on the park and the river Spree. ThisRead More →