palatin museum

Palatine Museum

Among the many attractions of Rome, this one stands out for its location on the Palatine Hill, which is the most central of the 7 hills of the city and constitutes its oldest part.

About the Palatine Museum

The Palatine Museum is located on the Palatine Hill, as we have already said, and its preserved building attracts attention among the historical ruins of the site. The collection tells about the evolution of the Palatine and consists of pieces found during the excavation activities that were carried out there and short videos on the subject. In addition, the entrance to the museum is free and is included in the ticket to the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill.

What to see at the Museum

On the ground floor of the museum you will find traces of the history of the Palatine during prehistory, protohistory and during the Archaic and Republican eras. There you will find a considerable number of vases, amphorae and metal parts. The second floor of the building includes rooms that represent the period of Augustus, the period of Nero, the period of the Claudian dynasty and a room with decorative objects from the imperial palaces, with original sculptures and also copies in Greek and Roman style. In addition, the museum is surrounded by belvederes from which you can have a beautiful view of Rome from above.

How to get to the Palatine Museum

Address: Via di San Gregorio, 30, Rome, Italy.
Opening hours: Every day from 9:00 to 18:00.
Entrance: included in the Palatinate entrance fee.